One on One Consultations

  • Body assessments

  • Medical and Diet History

  • Guidelines

  • Individualized meal plan

  • Follow-up and support

Wellness Days

  • Groups talks and education sessions

  • Interactive activities

  • Assessments

  • Weight loss challenges


  • Testing of Allergies and intolerance’s

  • Interpretation of results

  • Personalized meal plan based on the results

  • Continued support to re-introduce foods

Vitality Assessments

  • 30min Consult that gets you 1000 points!

  • Body assessment

  • Healthy eating guidelines

CDE Patients

  • One visit per year that is free of charge to the patient (Dependant on Medical aid scheme)

Lancet Blood Testing

  • Blood test to determine and monitor disease condition

  • Interpretation of results

  • Dietary intervention based on results

Food Advisory Service

  • Menu development

  • Staff education

In-Hospital Patient Treatment and Management